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September 2016: Solo "The Soul of a Woman" -  Melori  & Rosenberg gallery--Jewish Ghetto- Venice

October 2016: International Collective - "The five souls of the sculpture" Officinacentocinque-Como

December 2016: International Collective- "Kolossos-The return of the invisible" -Castle of  Palermo

December 2016: Solo - "Engadin Spirit" - Silvaplana and St. Moritz

October 2017: Florence Biennale- Firenze

November 2017: Paratissima 2017- Torino

November  2017: Collective in Math 12- Torino

June 2018: Exhibition in the Basilica of San Lorenzo in the crypt of Donatello, "Presences in contemporary art - emerging of the XXI century and masters of the twentieth century" with artists: Carrà, Sironi, Rosai, Guttuso, Annigoni "


“You should become an artist” Placido Castaldi told me. And I listened to him. “Artist” Aldo Flecchia told me years later “ is rather presumptious, I consider myself to be simply a sculptor”. 

“History” assured Giorgio Perazzone, “ proves everyone of us right or wrong” Three people, three milelstones along my way. “Are you able to live off art?” they often ask me: “ Certainly” I reply “ without it, I would only be surviving. From being a child I drew on a blackboard. In adolescence I designed my moods on billions of scraps of paper. During my frequent train journeys, I pestered the other commuters to let me draw them. 

The most appreciative were the coloured prostitutes. My maestro Placido taught me preferably to draw and paint naturally. It was an honour for me to show together with him, in the Benedetto Croce library in Pollone. But, above all, he taught me to sculpture:- “You are born a sculptur, you do not become one” he repeated often. “look at the stone, observe it well, draw first, then work it. Since I discovered stone, I havent been able to put it down.

River stones, hard as iron, unpredictable, with its inclusions it is a universe of colours and natural history, primordial, telling stories of hundreds of millions of years: of magma and the depths, of ice and of earth. Creating a sculpture is for me a moment of deep concentration. Mucronite, serpentine or granite are not the same as clay or marble, to which excellent artists or sculptors impose soul and shape, but they need to be heard, to be , dialogued with, to be consistently researched, very similar to deciphering a form submerged in water. 

I hide in the beauty of the stone, which has been waiting millions of years to become sculptur. Being fully aware of my responsabilities, 

I transform the stones into the human being that possesses the most promise of beauty: woman. 

 Cecilia Martin Birsa, scultrice.